Websites I have created:


SNAGEM ( )From Summer 2009 to Spring 2010 I was a part of the SNAGEM Research Project which was created in the game lab at UNC Charlotte as part of a NSF Research for Undergraduates project. This is a student run research program that  attempted to create a game that allows people at conferences and events meet new people. Basically each person signs up for the program and then they get missions that help them find new people. Responsibilities included working on PHP development, MYSQL implementation, Networking, Text Messaging Input, Asterisk Server VOIP integration, as well as heading up efforts to ensure that all data is up to security standards.

Program Development:

Red700 ( )- An advanced task manger written in Visual Basic to help with removing multi-spawning viruses and improving everyday PC performance by allowing the user to shutdown a group of programs at once. It also has enhanced technology to allow the shutdown of windows explorer to allow the user to get the most out of their CPU and memory. Another feature that makes red700 useful is the fact that it allows a process called batch run allowing a user to open several programs all from one shortcut.

Bilingual Therapy Form Filler:

This custom script was made exclusively for Bilingual Therapy by Design and allows for the Connecting of an excel database to a detailed user forum. It allows the therapists at the company to enter data about their clients and then with the click of a custom button import this data into a mail merge like environment for printing or faxing to medical profession